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Congratulations on finding the latest resource on the web for Cocke-Catesby family genealogy information.  We hope this resource will provide you with additional information on your family tree.  

Professor J.S. Roskell, M.A., D.Phil., of the University of Nottingham, published a monograph in 1959 on William Catesby, Counsellor to Richard III.  He stated:   "Catesby was a member of a family whose social status was not particularly outstanding.  As gentry they were well found."   There are, however, few families that can claim, with reasonable certainty, a pedigree as long as the one recorded for the Catesbys. 

Please let us know that you stopped by and what information aided most in your research.  If you wish to submit documented corrections/additions, photos, or articles to the genealogy site, please contact Joe Roberson, Genealogist at 81466joju@charter.net.


Catesby Magnolia I
by Mark Catesby 

The Curious Mister Catesby
Mark Catesby was at one time the world's foremost "naturalist", creating some 35,000 drawings of fauna and flora particular to the colonies and Bahamas. The Catesby Commemorative Trust hopes to make a TV documentary of his work in the near future. Your assistance could move this project forward.


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